Thursday, April 5, 2012

points of joy

grateful this morning for
spring flowers blooming

cozy pajama bottoms

clean laundry (even if i still have to fold it all)

my daughters' joint imaginary play: setting up a picnic, having speech therapy, playing school, pretend bakery or ice cream shop or restaurant- as i watch and overhear them interact, laugh & talk it makes me some special category of super-happy-to-be-their-mom

sunshine streaming through my windows

the brilliant combination of chocolate & peanut butter

ruby's chubby thighs & squishy arms

thinking about & making art

my daughters' new room arrangement (orchestrated by me, thank you very much)

working with a great people in our district to help m mainstream

rest at the end of a long day

small arms flung around my neck in a snuggle moments after big screams and tantrums

chalk drawing on our driveway

great water pressure in our shower

my girls sleeping til at least 7 am two days in a row!


a few moments to blog

today's breakfast: cafe fanny granola + strawberries + yogurt + the cup of coffee matt made for me

good friday & easter- the epitome of good & hard (but in the other order- starting with the hard leading to the good)

our little chickens (they are already getting so big! wait, did i even post our cute chicks on here? oh! we have 9 chicks (3 are for my mom, but we are brooding them for her)! and a coop thanks to my friend nicole! they are super cute.)

day 1:
already getting so big!
their home for now as they stay warm and grow feathers:

last but not least, 
this hilarious video about hipsters.
(there's no potty mouth in the video, just in the title)
i am so not a hipster, but am guilty of a couple of these
(ahem, instagram, blogging about working conditions in china, taking pictures of my feet)
this may be funnier to my living near or in oakland pals, since this is pretty dead on, but still- for your viewing pleasure:


  1. funny video. but i am in love with the chicks...enjoy your farm fresh 6 months or so.

    1. they are really so cute- and have a home thanks to you! i am getting so exited for your trip to paris by the way!!

  2. that video is rad. hipster things to include: he was wearing his Toms, bike obsession, coffee snob, cutting your own hair (or paying $100 to make it look like you cut your own hair), never washing your hair (or paying $100 for product to make it look like you never wash your hair), bangs, local-sustainable-organic-fairtrade-farmers markets, urban farming, pretending to care but still spending hundreds of dollars on Apple iProducts, and Target.

    1. i think you two should collaborate on a sequel video. just sayin'

  3. see? this is my fear! I am SO not urban hip. i am going to be the unhip bay area dork. (:


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