Friday, April 6, 2012

good friday

this is in stark contrast to the spirit of last night's post, 
but today marks good friday, 
the day that followers of jesus mark christ's crucifixion on the cross.

i don't often post about my faith practice
on my blog,
maybe because a lot of religious language has baggage attached or can be trite or cheesy, 
or because i hope people know who i am and 
what i practice through my actions more than through my words. 
in any case,
today i am thinking about 
how i believe that
jesus on the cross
did something radical that still matters.

 i recognize today - 
although it is dark and heavy.

because to fully taste the sweetness of resurrection sunday 
you have to know the bitterness of good friday.

it doesn't take someone from the christian faith tradition to
know that this world is broken and messed up-
sickness, poverty, jealousy, loss, death, estrangement, abuse, addiction.
we have all seen or experienced this break in goodness that is our world.

to me,
good friday is a picture of all of that brokenness in one place.
easter comes as the hope that i can live in- 
that despite 
cancer and racism and classism and depression and suicide and unemployment and war, 

i hope for another story that is bigger and more beautiful, 
another story that eventually consumes and changes that brokenness into something whole.
some days i believe,
some days i doubt.

but i still hope for a world
that looks more like easter than good friday,
that is good and not hard,
that is just and not wrong.
 and i try to live my life believing that jesus came down into our crap, was treated like crap, 
and knows firsthand the crap we are surrounded by, 
but came to change the crap.
from the series stations of the cross by sarah gorss

i love this old johnny cash version of the spiritual 
"were you there when they crucified my lord"


  1. "because to fully taste the sweetness of resurrection sunday,
    you have to know the bitterness of good friday"

    beautifully said.

    these words will resonate in my heart and mind every Easter here after.

  2. amen to the hope of a world that is more like Easter Sunday than Good Friday.


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