Thursday, November 12, 2009

baby love

little m is currently quite enthralled with babies.
as in, cloth ones, plastic ones, and real-live breathing ones.
(which is a good thing because she became a cousin today 
with a brand new itty bitty baby! 
more on that later)
yesterday she was eating popcorn with her baby.
some for little m...
some for baby
a little more sharing.
 the popcorn goes towards baby's mouth and
then takes a quick turn and gets plopped into m's mouth. 
if only she shared her snacks so freely with real live humans.
checking in, with a little hug and snuggle
(wonder where she learned that?)

looks like she'll be a great cousin- 
as long as she doesn't try to feed rebecca and mark's newborn popcorn!


  1. oh my goodness those were the cutest pictures ever. man i wish i could come visit.

  2. HAHAHA good post! Some for M some for baby! Some for M some for... more for M!!!

  3. She really is trouble from time to time! Don't let those really cute popcorn pictures fool you!

  4. oh my, oh my, oh my! that little girl is just growing up so big...i couldn't help but grin like a fool reading through this post!


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