Thursday, November 12, 2009


my beautiful new niece, sadie fern anderson. 
she is absolutely beautiful.
born at 12:44 am
november 12, 2009
7 lbs. 13 oz.

her middle name fern is a family name: 
grandmother fern eloyse (where i get my middle name eloyse) & aunt fern emma (who is a wonderful aunt, a devoted blog reader, and way too far away in michigan)
it took quite the journey to get her out into the world. a very long and frustrating labor which, as it usually goes, didn't go according to plan, but culminated in this amazing miracle of a human being! 

we did some waiting as mama rebecca labored hard into the night.
once it was all done,
we got to meet her!

i get to be an aunt!
dear rebecca, 
you are an amazingly strong mama already! 
you worked so hard to bring sadie into the world, 
and with such grace and humor (even when things were kind of crappy.) 
you are courageous and determined and loving, and you are just beginning this new adventure. blessings on you as you rest and snuggle and heal.
dear mark, it was incredible to watch you support rebecca in labor. 
you were kind and loving and a good listener and partner despite exhaustion.
what a gift you are to each other, and now what a gift you will be to your new daughter.

dear sadie, we love every inch of you. 
i can't wait to read you blueberries for sal and corduroy,
to take you to look at art, 
to make big old messes, 
to catch you being silly with little m, 
to bake cookies with you, 
to give you auntie advice, 
to tell you stories about your grandma and your mommy when she was a little girl, 
to give you hugs and snuggles from now until i am wrinkled and gray. 
we are so glad you are joining our growing family. 

grandma can't wait to have you come play at her house.
sleep well for your mama and daddy, they are very tired.
we are here to play with you when you come home!
love, aunt susannah
(p.s. little m may be a bit jealous at first- don't worry, she will get over it)


  1. Congratulations to the mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Always fun to welcome someone new to this crazy world of ours.

  2. Congratulations! Sorry it was such a long and difficult labor, but I'm so glad all ended well. Sadie is beautiful!

  3. Congrats to all of you! What a joy. She is so beautiful; I'm all teary. :-)


    I got all weepy reading this. Beautiful words for a beautiful new baby girl!

    Congratulations all around!


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