Friday, November 13, 2009

happy friday!

i am still enthralled by these old family photos i've scanned, 
so here are a couple i am currently loving:
me, looking quite distraught, 
and wearing an interesting fashion statement, 
circa 5 years old
my mom, my brother jonathan & i, when my mom was pregnant with rebecca
i love this one.
my mom and i, on the car ferry to peaks island, maine.
and i love this one for about twenty reasons.

have a wonderful weekend!
i am going to snuggle my new niece some more,
have dinner with friends tonight
(and i think lemon bars are involved at some point),
go to the annual benefit for little m's school for the deaf
figure the rest out along the way.


  1. i am loving these photos of your early days, s. little you and little m look so much alike - uncanny. so happy to meet your mom and friends on sat!

  2. Do you have any other photo's of Peaks Island? I would be very grateful if you had any others lying around. I would really appreciate it! Thanks


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