Wednesday, November 4, 2009

indulge me if you will...


yesterday i tossed our cute little pumpkin, which had turned from a cute jack o' lantern into a nasty moldy mess folding in on itself. yuck. 

meanwhile, during little m's class at school, the kids said goodbye to the black cat, the pumpkins, the little ghost toys, and all of the halloween-themed stuff and put it into a big box to save until next year.

i get it, halloween is over. 

but here i am, still wanting to post the jack o' lantern i made for our front stoop. 

{sidebar: maybe some of you recall that in halloweens past, 
i have gotten a little crazy perfectionist about my pumpkin carving. 
i don't mean to, but it just sort of happens...
i have a vision, and then i have to figure out how to create that vision. 
i promise (and i have witnesses to vouch for me,) 
that i made this pumpkin quickly 
and without personal angst or cruelty to the people around me.}

my pumpkin has a cochlear implant,
just like little m.
i kept it simple, so i only put an implant on one side.
i kind of love it.
rest in peace cochlear implanted jack o' lantern.
(goodbye halloween)


  1. you = adorable. i miss you lots.

  2. Love this. I too posted my halloween post a little late. Ah, well, it's still good stuff. haha!

    PS: I don't know if I have mentioned this, but your blog is lovely!

  3. I LOVE your pumpkin. brilliant.


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