Friday, November 6, 2009

happy friday!

what are you up to this weekend?

are you going to hit the road like little m looks like she's about to do?

i officially started the weekend last night by going to a FANTASTIC opening of my friend colleen's drawings, paintings and photographs. it was a really nice show in an alternative space in san francisco. (a friendly reminder to go look at art and support your local artists- if their work is good & you like it! supporting bad art doesn't help anyone...)

here is what we are up to:
art. tonight. here.
movie. tonight, part two. (m is for murder at the amazing and beautiful paramount theatre. 
yay for alfred hitchcock and yay for oakland landmarks!)
rest. hoping for some naps and stillness and space to just be quiet this weekend. 
food. as in the farmers market variety. saturday morning. me + little m + throngs of people + fresh produce. also, i am thinking i need some more treats in my life, so i may need to bake this weekend.
friends. my friend kimiko is in town! here's to lots of hanging out this weekend!
crafts. sunday. some of my friends (& strangers too) are selling their wares here. go stock up on holiday treats & help local artists! some other friends are selling ugandan beads to support bead for life. go stock up on holiday treats and help ugandan women!
baby????my sister is now 1 week overdue. she and her hubbie are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby girl anderson, which heralds little m's first cousin and my new title of aunt! awesome. little m was 11 days overdue, so i think these little ones just like to bake extra.

maybe all of these plans will be happily obliterated 
and instead
i'll hang out in the maternity ward with the newest addition to our extended family! 
(i'm just glad i won't have to be the one pushing that baby out! go becca!)

what are you doing this weekend?

maybe we'll see you out there!


  1. I love when you post these old photos. So cute. Are these from the '50s? And they're not even black and white!

  2. if she were any cuter i would have to KMS.

  3. Adorable photos!

    And um...has your sister had her baby??? She must have...right? Just curioiusly excited :)


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