Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i just called to say...

(sidebar: this is how i know i am a mom. i post photos and pretend to write in little m's voice. 
i promise not to do it again, i just couldn't resist.)
hmm. who should i text?
or maybe my new cousin sadie?
i don't think she can text yet.
i'll just call her.
looks like it's going through...
want to hang out later? 
you can sleep and i'll try to hold you
or just play with all of your new baby stuff.


  1. personally I think that blogs written in the voice of the child are far better and imaginative than those that are parents talking about their kids.

    When I was thinking about writing a blog about Isaac, I went out and read some blogs and decided that it would be far more funny and interesting to have it be in his voice and his take on the world.

    So, i hope you continue to talk in M's voice.

    Not that I don't love what you have to say, but M is cute, and she writes some funny stuff.

  2. Yes, please keep "quoting" m. Love it!!


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