Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{i hear that}

i've had all of these thoughts so often-
yep, about sleepovers, and huge college classes, oh-and swim parties, too,

but tammy took the time to write them down, 
for what could more or less have been written by me.
tammy's son aiden is almost the exact same hearing age as m. 
their implants got turned on 9 days from each other!


  1. I read her blog. And in response to this quote...

    "that kids tease other kids,
    and making fun of someone's differences is one way"

    and if any teenager ever pulls says any S@#T about my amazing, one of a kind, angel of a Monrovia, I'll set them straight in one way or another. Just Sayin.......

  2. I could have written it too.


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