Friday, March 2, 2012

from deep to shallow

that's how i roll, friends.

we began today with some poetry, and we end the day with something a little less classypants.

it's the end of the season for some tv shows. as you know if you peek at my blog very often, i usually have mindless tv on in the background when i work on freelance. it helps me stay up late at night into the wee hours (and who doesn't like mindless tv? ok, matt for one. but still.)

so, not only have you seen my crooked teeth straightened up this week, you now get to hear me rant about lowbrow television culture.

dear tv people, please renew these shows. especially the first one. because it's amazing.

apparently, these three shows (which just maybe i watch when i am working- DON'T JUDGE) are in danger of being cancelled:
1. parenthood. you know i love this show. love the family dynamics & complex relationships. makes me cry every time. (i actually can only watch this when i am doing something like folding laundry, because i actually pay attention) i would really be sad if this one didn't come back for a fourth season. and can someone tell me why this show is never nominated for anything? i guess my favorite tv show of all time (the wire) was never nominated either, but SERIOUSLY. also, speaking of the wire, for those of you who watch this, i wish alex would come back! loved his character. (he was wallace on the wire)
2. pan am. yes, hokey & cheesy (see #3 too), but i like it. a little 60's action with some melodrama and spy storyline thrown in? how is this being cancelled and not yet another season of big brother or real housewives?
3. hart of dixie- my sister told me about this one & it is perfect for having on while i work. ok, hart of dixie is pure fluff- totally bad acting, unbelievable casting, and kind of dumb storylines. but i still kind of like it somehow? so i hope it doesn't get axed too.
now you may commence with retracting my cool kid credentials and discussing my trash tv tendencies.


  1. i heart parenthood...i cry every.single.time. but why is the season over is march!!!

  2. I love it seriously in danger of cancellation?

    1. sad but true...i think that is why the finale could aslo double as a finale finale...

  3. sadly, I think parenthood is ended like it was over :(

    I'm still on the fence about the Hart of is the dregs..mostly bc Mark won't watch it w me :(

    1. totally the dregs and mindless. so so mental candy, but somehow kind of addictive too. i mean rachel bilson as a doctor? it's ridiculous. and awesome.

      i am hoping parenthood has enough support to pull through another season (like gilmore girls did for what, 5 seasons?)- they never have enough ratings :( which i don't get. i guess at least the season finale had enough closure to end the show f necessary. ps i am now following julia & zoe on instagram! hehe fun. (well, the real people not the characters)

  4. Say it isn't so. Parenthood is so amazing...


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