Tuesday, March 6, 2012

two measly hours? yes, my friends. i speak truth.

i like sleep.
this is me,
willing my daughters into snuggling in bed with me for a while 
so i can pretend-rest longer on a saturday morning.
i usually try to sleep (i don't know if one could actually call it sleep since i have small humans mounting me and using me as leverage to bounce off pillows) like this for as long as possible.

(husband secret took our picture with my phone this weekend. he is so tricky.)
it lasts, you know, like 5 minutes.
and then we are all some varying degree of awake
(me the least in case you are curious) 
i attempt to keep them in my bed so that i don't have to leave the bed. 
i won't lie, it isn't the world's most successful plan.
or the world's most comfortable plan either.
(but my girls sure are cute)
this past week i've been working on prepping our taxes for our annual tax appointment. matt and i each have more than average complex taxes (me because i am an independent contractor, and husband because his salary is partially a housing allowance and i have to track every single expense connected to that or to other work expenses.) so together they = complicated and time consuming - and that's just to prep them! it always takes forever and is extremely daunting, even though i have my little systems worked out. 

long story short, i thought i'd finalize everything this weekend, but due to circumstances beyond my control, i didn't. so last night, after getting home late-as in 11 something- from our friends' house, i sat down to finish plugging in figures, collating paperwork, and organizing everything for our tax preparer.
(note: i realize that just maybe i shouldn't have stayed talking to our friends so long. and also perhaps i should've started organizing our records a month ago instead of a week ago. i know the no sleep action is partially my fault. but no, that will not stop my sleepy tirade)

i finished at 4:17 am.
in the morning.
as in two hours before i was supposed to wake up 
to clothe, feed, dress, prepare snacks & lunches and drive my children the hour to school.

so after two hours of shuteye last night -or this morning if we are being accurate-
guess what i need?
sleep without little people using me as a human jungle gym.
under-the-covers-dead-to-the-world-kind of sleep.
drool on your pillow and you don't even care that your entire face is wet sleep.

but being honest, it isn't going to happen,
(two children awake and not napping=no nap for me)
so instead i blogged
in the hopes that the exhausted moms out there would hear my cry and say,
"yes! sleep! it's awesome and rare. but dang, girl! you deserve it."

here's to a group nap.
who wants to join me?

please forgive any grammatical, spelling or nonsensical errors in this post.
i am delirious.


  1. I swear, sleep deprivation is nothing a person can understand, until they've experienced having children and living it. (ok, maybe you soldiers out there can trump this, but still)

    get your nap on, sister!

    1. no nap yesterday, sigh. BUT i did crawl in bed at 7:30 last night and slept until 6: 30 am. YAY!

  2. i am not a mom, so i can't comprehend and/or attempt to understand; so my hat is off to you!
    when you said you finished all your tax prep at 417am; i thought, OMW, my alarm goes off at 408 am and my goal is getting ready for work and out the door in 17 minutes...which puts me into work at 455am.

    either way you find this lack of sleep, i 100% believe in any nap you can get!
    btw...love your blog! and all your photos!

    1. girl, you are cray cray. that is so early! good thing you work at *$! :)

      (btw thanks kim!)

  3. Oh, I could use some drool on the pillow sleep. Not happening over here either!

  4. oh sweet love, may miraculous rest come your way x

    1. thanks friend. i shouldve called you at 4:15 my time!


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