Monday, March 5, 2012

there's more where that came from

yep- i know we just caught up last night on a photo a day for the year, bringing us up to the end of february.

but y'all, it's march. so let's bring us all up to speed.

{on a sidenote, i woke up at 5:34 to an earthquake. now, it was only a 4.0 or so earthquake, but SERIOUSLY earthquakes freak me out, so then i couldn't fall back asleep. dear scientists, i know you say that smaller earthquakes do nothing to relieve the pressure or postpone the big one, but i really wish you would reconsider this theory. signed, me}

march 1-5.
 (breakfast on the go)
 (watching heidi with little m while i detangle her hair)
 (puzzles with my girls)
 (morning coffee, made for me by matt)
 (a few minutes of solitude at the end of the day)
 (matt's diy haircut)
 (husband's fancy drinks)
 (little m's anatomically correct drawing:
 "it is a girl but i forgot to put her bottom." 
me: "her bottom?" 
(i should add here that we've decided to use real body part names with our girls 
and not kid versions like peepee, etc.) 
"her vagina. so i put a peanut instead." 
oh, ok. my favorite part is actually the hot pink implants
 (above the arms) and the girl-boy's winged legs and bunny ears.)
(some sunday afternoon time along to write and think)

ps. dear scientists, i wasn't kidding.


  1. that earthquake was just up the hill from us...woke me wide awake, heart pounding kinda awake.

    love the drawing.

    1. i know- goodness; it was so close to you guys. matt laughs at me, but they make me so nervous!

  2. #1. I am so thankful that it was "only" a 4.0 and that you guys are ok.
    #2. I am so thankful that my daughter is not the only one who draws anatomically correct stick figures. Circle = bottom. Circle with vertical line down the middle = vagina. (was this part of the JW curriculum? Hannah? Katie? Lisa?)


    1. hahaha that would be hilarious. can't you see karen using it as an opportunity for language? :)


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