Sunday, March 18, 2012

but today marks THREE YEARS that our daughter has been deaf but hearing!
three years ago today, 
a few weeks after her cochlear implant surgery...
(matt with m right before her surgery)
our daughter heard her very first sound.
it probably sounded like blips and beeps,
but it was the first time she heard
do you remember those early days?

these days i take my daughter's ability to hear me (when she has her implants on) 
or read my lips as the norm. 
it seems so natural for m to be singing, talking, making up stories. 
and yet she is still completely, totally deaf. 
today her friend eli asked her, "what is deaf?" and m said, "i'm deaf. when i was born i was born deaf and my ears can't hear and all the kids at my school are deaf and they wear implants or hearing aids like me." 
pretty remarkable.
we're staying at a rental house this weekend with friends,
so we had a little impromptu hearing birthday party for m this afternoon,
ao as she was waiting for everyone to wake up from naps to join her party
we had this little conversation:

happy hearing birthday to my smart, lovely daughter.


  1. Happy, Happy Hearing Birthday, Sweet Monrovia!

    We are so grateful to know you!

    Katie, Sam, Ella and Mike

    PS- love all the alcohol on the shelf behind M in this video! ;)

    1. haha- well re: the alcohol on the shelf...too funny. we weren't at *our* house if that means anything! ;)

  2. M, I think your Mommy and Daddy have been pretty amazing 'teachers' and parents in this journey with you as well. And I'm so glad you've had so many great helpers. Happy hearing birthday to the whole family!

  3. Happy Hearing bday, M! How far you've come in 3 years! It's a nice time to reflect on it every year!

    1. do you guys still celebrate with lucas?

  4. Her speech is amazing and I just LOVE her sweet voice! Aiden just walked up and asked, "Is it funny mom?" because I have this huge smile on my face! I've been so busy and need to catch up on my blog. I thought of m as we ate ice cream for Aiden's hearing bday as I know they're so close together. Happy three years hearing sweet girl!


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