Thursday, March 8, 2012


sometimes it is easier to recognize the rough spots than to celebrate the little moments of beauty & joy.

grateful for little bits of goodness in my week:
*my daughter sound asleep until 7 am
*sitting on the couch & talking to my husband after a long day
*little m saying these words in a sentence "like when you are chilling in the hot sun..." (um, what?! how old is my child?)
*ripe strawberries
*20 minutes on the phone with a very dear but too far away friend
*a new stack of library books

*surprise visits from friends
*laughing with my girls
*spring blossoms
*finishing taxes!
*a walk in the sunshine
*freshly baked cookies

hope your day has smatterings of goodness throughout!


  1. I want one of those cookies, and I want to look up through spring blossoms at an alarmingly deep blue sky like I remember from California. Actually, I'm doing pretty well here myself -- I'm going to savor one of the last slices of my birthday cake (while grading exams, but I'll ignore that part), and think about what a blast Ben and I had at the Pi Day celebration tonight. Toodle-oo!

    1. happy birthday week julia! hope you had a great birthday!! i'll eat some more cookies in celebration of your day :)

  2. I am watching snow fall outside and I am extremely jealous of your spring blossoms. Just sayin'!


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