Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a good reminder (also a post without my children in it)

with two lovely handful daughters
& a lot of freelance work,
it has been really hard to get time working in my studio painting.
(yes, even though husband rocked an amazing studio. my goal is to get my butt in there for a deadline i have april 1st)

i ran across these words of wisdom from ira glass the other day,
and thought they applied to many realms,
(including me
making art
getting discouraged in the process
starting over again.)
 a few thursdays ago, my friend jana (who is also an artist & who went to grad school with me) 
and i met up to go to first thursdays in san francisco to look at art.

we met up on geary street, grabbed coffee and then went art hunting.
usually we don't find too much that we love, but it is good to go and talk art, see what's out there, and then act like our stuff is more awesome.
 this month there was actually a lot more in the galleries that we were into,
and it wasn't too crowded, 
so we could actually see work without fighting mobs of hipsters & old money art lovers.

this painting's colors were so weird & ugly that i kind of loved it
so bad it was good?

 (one of my fave shows was at this gallery- nice photographs)

 paintings on paper- couldn't decide how i felt about them.
 artsy hallway
 behind the scenes- the backroom of a gallery
and then we went and got drinks and dinner and gabbed about art and life.

looking at art
making art

it is one of those things that sometimes i put off
(like exercise, anyone?)
and then i do it and i'm so glad i did
and i wonder
why do i always procrastinate?


  1. love love love you. prepare for more good art talk soon. yay!!


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