Monday, March 26, 2012

bad habits

i have lots of them:
  • going to sleep before i do the dishes
  • celebrity trash magazines
  • putting my keys and cell phone in a different spot in my bag every single time
  • taking 10 years to call someone back
  • leaving my phone on silent or vibrate so i never hear my phone ringing (not a good combination with the previous bad habit of taking forever to call people back)
  • too little flossing
  • late night snack attacks
  • procrastinating
  • leaving empty (or half-full) water glasses by my bed until there are like 8 of them 
  • reading the last page of a book
  • taking too long to write thank you notes (oh, and then i forget and then send nothing.)
  • overcommitting
  • not putting away folded laundry
  • waiting until my car has absolutely no gas before i go to the gas station
(oh, and hundreds more. i'm sure you can think of some right now off the top of your head that you could add to my list)

and this one, which i've let develop because i love to sleep. and when my daughter wakes up from her nap or waaaaaay too early in the morning she screams, "mama! mama! mama!" 

at that point i have three choices:
1. let her cry it out, which means no sleep for me
2. decide it's time to wake up, which means no sleep for me
3. pick her up, let her snuggle in bed or on the couch with me, which means at least another hour of sleep for both of us

i never would've let m get away with this, but my defense is down at 5:45 in the morning, so i let ruby come snuggle with me. i know it is going to be a bad decision long term, but right now it is a bad habit that i also kind of love. how cute is she? sometimes she wraps her little arms around my neck and burrows into me and i just about die from mommy-senses in overload.

moments like this won't last forever, right?

(ps i always think ruby looks like matt, but in this picture rubes looks

ok, apparently this isn't a bad habit at all according to all of your comments, so i had no guilt this morning when i pulled crying ruby into bed with me and got an extra hour plus of sleep, with some snuggles thrown in for free!


  1. i sure do think you are swell. for tomorrow's post write a list of all the good habits...the things you rock!

  2. I like Nicole's idea. I'll get you started: You really know how to enjoy pretty things -- a lovely sunset, a well-decorated cupcake, the garlands you got every month for awhile, "supercute" shoes, etc. You have a habit of noticing the small, simple, pretty things around you and inhaling the joy. [I'm guessing ... having never met you, but that's the strong impression I've gotten from reading your blog lo these many years.]

  3. oh you make me laugh...i love the snuggling too.

  4. I don't understand, what's wrong with snuggling for another hour? I did it with Jair (Rain never wanted to), one of my favourite memories. x

  5. Ruby totally looks like you in the it!

  6. How can that possibly be a bad habit. Snuggles with your bambinos are never bad habits. Imagine the security you are building into her. It's not like she's eating candy in bed with you :-) That picture is worth a million words

  7. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes wondering why Aiden hasn't cried out for me yet. We go through this too and I LOVE Last week we were at my moms and I was trying to get him to sleep while I stole some computer time and he kept coming up to me saying, "snuggle-snuggle mommy." which of course I had to oblige.

    love the picture too!


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