Sunday, March 4, 2012

oh february, i haven't forgotten you

did you take wagers on how long my one a day photo action would last?
i have actually been taking pictures every day, 
but sometimes i don't actually get around to posting them.
then they accumulate, 
or i think about writing an entire post on the photo and they sit in purgatory on my laptop.

i think you got a glimpse into the first half of february, here's a quick shot at the second half:

2/13: rainy day- looking out the window on my new succulents
2/14: valentine's day and a day to appreciate the teachers at m's school
2/14: plus lovely flowers from my beloved
2/15: the long drive to m's school
2/16: bay area discovery museum: loved this. 
(didn't love one of m's implants going missing- but we found it!)
(ruby with her papa)
a weekend to celebrate matt's mom's birthday & to enjoy family time!
(also) 2/16: celebrating 65 years of my mother-in-law pam's life with an amazing meal
2/17: visiting little farm in berkeley
a lovely little spot to get up close to animals
2/18: backyard hijinks
2/19: a peaceful drive to a weekend getaway with dear friends & family
2/20: cousins making memories together
2/21: and longtime friends getting the time & space to laugh and stay up late
2/22: matt making mushroom bruschetta from foraged chantrelles
2/22: intentional time with friends we walk with through life
2/23: ruby goes along for the ride with m's deaf school; a glimpse of her special school friends- her pal ella & vonnie, the school secretary
2/24: my ranunculas are blooming!
2/25: appeared on my shelf
2/26: moments that make my heart swell
2/27: breakfast
2/28: the long drive (in the rain, over a bridge, in traffic) to school
2/29: one of my favorite things about m's school- parent education, 
with her wonderful former teacher karen
2/29: playtime after an afternoon rest

2/29: and always, somehow, more work for me to do

(more to come for this lovely month of march!)

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