Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my apologies, but i can't help it

i know that i just posted a video a couple of days ago, 
but last night i took secret footage on my phone while m was playing audiologist
and it killed me with cuteness 
so i absolutely couldn't 
resist sharing it.

some thoughts:
  • do you think that just maybe my daughter has seen her fair share of therapy, school and audiology booths in her short life? she seems pretty well versed in the lingo.
  • yes, yes i did name myself "hosanna" when my daughter (aka marina ariel the audiologist/therapist/teacher) asked me my name; thanks to m's friend justice, who calls me hosanna instead of susannah.
  • poor thing has two jobs and she's only three. 
  • i promise no more videos for a while (really)
  • you can probably spot where the jig is up and she realizes i am secret taping her.
  • my almost favorite part is when ruby realizes that i am taping m and she pokes her head in.

happy spring!
happy wednesday!


  1. Holy amazing! She is only THREE? Love love love this. She is amazing.

    1. she will be four next month-so ALMOST 4. but i'm holding onto 3 for as long as i can...

  2. i very much enjoy your video posts!!

    1. good to know..i never know if they are annoying. :)

  3. I LOVE your video posts too. Never annoying, just pure smiles!

  4. Love it!!! Ben likes to play booth test.

    1. next time we are in ny they can take turns testing each other & making audiograms haha

  5. That is like totally awesome. Cereally.


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