Sunday, September 23, 2012

how fun is this for a weekend?

guess what is so fun?
 a girls only (as in no kids, no husbands) getaway with my besties amy & nancy!

sometime this summer nancy and i were plotting how we could at some point pull off a fun mommies only adventure 
steal our very responsible friend amy away with us for a weekend of sloth and relaxation.

of course, life (kids, work, dishes, laundry, bills...then repeat this list daily) interrupted 
and we never got any further in our planning.
besides, we thought it might take some powerful jedi mind tricks to convince our husbands to rock single parenthood while we went off to frolic for a couple days.

but we were wrong & completely underestimated our three boys.

our husbands subconsciously heard our wish or read our diaries (just kidding- do you think i have time for a diary? oh wait-it's called my blog & no, i probably don't really have time for it but that's what dust bunnies under my dressers, dirty bathroom grout and unfolded laundry are for- procrastination!)

unbeknownst to the three of us
matt, nancy's husband keith & amy's husband david
have been making plans for us for months to get away 
all by our lonesomes.

so that's where we are:
enjoying a weekend with equal parts adventure, laziness, silliness, treats, and uninterrupted conversation!

savoring these last two hours before we head back to our homesteads to see our pretty awesome husbands and adorable munchkins.
(of course i'm sure within moments of being home my daughters will remind me of why they are both cutiepies and havoc wreakers) 
hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
i am (and feeling so, so spoiled)


  1. again, no one commenting on this post either...and really, we should all be applauding these husbands. bravo!

  2. three wise men, one might say. they done good. solve any world problems with all that uninterrupted conversation?


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