Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mish-mash sickday post

our entire house has been hit with the sick stick, some worse than others. our girls have noses running like faucets, but i got the full brute force of a sinus head cold which has knocked me out since the weekend, and matt got hit hard yesterday. fun times getting sick as a parent, right?

one upside to sickness?
well, yes, naps.
but last night we put the girls down early and my kind husband watched 
two episodes of friday night lights with me! 
so good, so fun.
and we are watching it slowly but surely so don't ruin it for me!
(only mid-way season two)

so i sent my sniffling girls off to school
(yes, i did; no fever y'all, just runny noses for a week)
in the hopes that i could log some studio time.
(ha- instead i am logging some couch time)
(my little monkeys before getting ready for school this morning.)

here is what my studio looks like when they invade (which is often)
now on to a totally different topic...

lately i've been impressed with how many different foods my girls will eat, 
so i am going to brag for a second about their meal last night...

poached eggs over mustard greens
(the greens were pretty bitter, but they rocked it and at least tried some. and i actually ate two bites of egg- for those of you who know how i feel about eggs- hate them but wish i liked them, this is a big deal!)
 roasted beets
 watermelon, nectarine & figs
 and some padron peppers
(yes, for reals, my girls ate these)
don't get me wrong, they have plenty of pickiness in them*, and love processed chicken nuggets and mac n'cheese like any kid, but i'm realizing i also need to give them credit for their culinary adventurousness too.

going to try to nurse myself back to health so that i can get back to regular life.
have a healthy day, ya'll.

*plenty plenty as a liberian would say

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  1. you ate 2 bites of egg...willingly?!? dang. being sick also made you a little crazy, i see. feel better soon. xoxo


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