Thursday, September 27, 2012

this week

oh, last weekend's bliss of child-free, work-free lounging about with my besties is over.
back to reality:
two children who need a mama, and
so many deadlines that all need to be done asap. 
basically my schedule has been mommying (and all that entails)
 from wake up time until naptime/restime at 1. 
then i work on freelance from 1 to 3 pm (with a hundred interruptions from m). 
then mommy again til bedtime, then work in my studio from 8 pm- 2 am. 
this has been going on for a few weeks now, so i'm basically working 8 hours a day/night in addition to mommy all the in-between moments of the day as a stay-at-home mom. 
yesterday and today the girls were in school from 9-12, so i got those 6 hours to work too.
i enjoy the work i'm doing, but i just can't sustain this pace for so many weeks on end. i always work during their naps and most nights, but i don't usually work past midnight unless i have to. 

ay, i feel like a zombie. 
i know lots of mamas do the very same thing every day,
and that i'm lucky because i like my job- i get to paint for a living-
but i am running out of steam in my old age. 4 or 5 hours of sleep doesn't quite cut it anymore if i aim to be a kind human being, wife, and mother.
here's to a less crazy schedule next week (fingers crossed)

i'm not really helping this insane headcold go away; as of today i've had it for a week and a half and i swear my right side of my head still feels like someone slimed me with that green stuff from nickelodeon back in the day. (do they still do that? does that channel still exist?)
if anyone has any miraculous congestion cures, send it my way.

but one of the upsides? i've watched a lot of season premieres on hulu to keep me awake. confession session? i've been watching all of the clips from the x factor and i kind of love it. i might be slightly obsessed. i don't usually watch the music talent shows but i cry through all of these clips! yes, i'm serious and not being ironic. we all know that i am not very cool when it comes to certain things (i like cream and sugar in my coffee, i love anthem rock like u2 and mumford and sons, and i already know the name of reese witherspoon's one day old newborn.) so it is. maybe it also shows that sleep deprivation makes me delusional.

speaking of obsessions? i love our chickens.
and our eggs.
we finally got 5 last week!
i love them.
sweet rose cake is my favorite one and she lays the green eggs.
don't love eating eggs, but love that they sit happily in our coop every day.
look how pretty they are!
ps please excuse any typos or grammatical errors in this post; i'm sleepy.


  1. a) you are awesome
    b) this too shall pass
    c) have you watched the new normal?
    d) maybe call your doc for some abx...?
    e) all of the above = i heart you

  2. Those eggs *are* pretty! You must be feeding those hens something tasty and colorful. Is it a lot of work to keep chickens? Next you'll get a goat for the milk. Did you ever watch the old 70s britcom Good Neighbors? Love it. We didn't put Ben in daycare until he was 15 months, which basically meant three semesters of us working full time without any childcare -- so I know what you mean about trying to fit a full work week in and around full time parenting! Good daycare is a lovesome thing if you can find it. I agree with everything Daphne said, especially "This too shall pass" -- my mantra. Remember: Kindergarten does eventually happen.


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