Friday, September 14, 2012

it's friday, friday

this week, in no particular order & so, so random:
had the best animal viewing day ever at the zoo.
hi chimpanzee that was literally 4 feet away from us.
(and i really super loved the otters. beautiful as they glided through the water.)
looks of freelance. not my fave, because it is the sort of project i do and redo with tweaks, but still grateful for work, especially work that i can do with project runway on in the background. 
do i love that i have to work at 2 am? no. 
but i do love that i get to play with my kids all day, so you know.
yesterday one of our chickens laid this gigantic egg! 
(the one on the right. the one on the left is the normal size we get. it's massive! twins???)
it's a rare day that i get to sit down and eat breakfast in peace. 
happened twice this week, thanks to ruby's new schedule of two days a week of preschool. yay!
fun times! this week cousin sadie walked to school with my girls. slowest walking schoolbus ever, but also kind of the cutest. (so not biased am i)
daily story of my life. this room.
killing me.
my studio smells like oil paint. 
the best.
m said to me, "mommy, i like that smell in here so much. it's beautiful."
meanwhile ruby points to everything in our house and says, "mommy paint that?" 
haha. i love it. sometimes she's right, sometimes not so much. 
she'll probably say that next time we are at museum of modern art or somewhere like that. 
kind of like how m asked me if that was me when i was younger when we watched a youtube clip of mary lou retton getting her perfect 10's on the vault back in 1984. (is it bad that i wanted to say, "yes, that was mommy.")
and last but not least, rocking the last days of summer in the kiddie pool!
happy weekend!


  1. Well that does look like an awesome week! I especially like how your girls are looking at eachnother in the last pic...with a glow bracelet in the foreground. So cute! And happy weekend to you!!

    1. their obsession this week has been the kiddie pool in the backyard; everyday post rest time we are rocking some splash time. :)


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