Thursday, September 6, 2012

some of my new cards

want to peep some of my latest freelance projects?
ah yes, i am staying up until the wee hours right now working on thanksgiving and christmas 2013, but these little somethings are out right now!

i just got samples this week of my newest cards in the papyrus line.
you can buy wherever papyrus cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide or papyrus online.

i feel like i know about 700 people with september and october birthdays. stock up!
don't use me as an example, since i am about 2 years behind in thank you cards,
but you can never say thank you too late or too often...
and who doesn't like getting real mail?
as in a fun card to one of those friends who makes your world a little bit better just by being in it.

oh and just so you know,
lately the word verification in the comment section has been driving me insane. 
they are so hard to read that even i, as a living breathing human being with good eyesight can hardly even read them. seriously?! it looks like hieroglyphics.
i'm ditching it for now & hoping the spam monsters are kept at bay. 
happy commenting without an extra hoop to jump through! 
now you can just comment and hit enter and you're done.


  1. i love the envelope liners! and the talent, of course. oh and the no word verification.

  2. Buy Siouxzie's cards

  3. (That wasn't spam. I promise.)

    1. even if it was spam, it was suitable spam since it was pimping my cards. :)

  4. Dear Ms.
    I have one million dollars waiting for you in an overseas bank account. Please click on the link below and provide your name, social security number and birthdate. Also free iPad when you check this out!

    1. Dear anonymous,
      You are hilarious. Are you located in Nigeria?


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