Monday, September 10, 2012

issues & teeth

i've had kind of a wonky day, one in which somehow the issues you have growing up don't go away when you have kids, they just come back again. even the ones you've spent considerable time working through. it's a longer post for another day (perhaps), but the gist of it is working through the fact that we really don't have much control over what genes we pass down to our children, even if we wish we did.

my friend nancy said the other day that having a preschooler is kind of like going back to high school with all of the stuff that comes up not just for your kids, but the grown-up social dynamics too. {it may be magnified by the fact that nancy and my children are at a co-operative preschool, so you get lots of social activity that might not happen if you dropped your kids off and didn't interact as much with other families.}

isn't funny, isn't it, how susceptible we are to those bruised places in us from the past whether it's with our kids, or significant other, or someone else? last night i got into a heated (albeit brief) fight with matt over dumb stuff. somehow even if a fight is over one sentence, or dumb stuff, it doesn't feel like it. (shocking) the "dumb stuff" was really rooted in my own older insecurities and issues that were unintentionally triggered and then snowballed into conflict. it's no fun when you both go to bed mad at each other (but i am also not in the camp that late at night you must sort it all out when you are tired, hurt and ready to throw in the towel). or in our case, matt went to bed mad and i stayed up late working (mad) both to finish my deadline and also to avoid interacting with my husband. very mature of me, i know. we became friends again this morning, but i hate when one comment suddenly alters the trajectory of your night (or day) and you are knee deep in an altercation with your favorite person in the world.

so, on an issues-filled day, i kind of loved this link about celebrity teeth that i spotted on a cup of jo. 
(tom cruise, what!?)
i just need to become famous.
hope you are having a decidedly non wonky monday!


  1. Omg, tom's teeth were outrageous back in the day! Also knee-deep is the only way you do things...and that is one of the many reasons I love you (and Matt too -even if he has to go to bed mad sometimes). Glad to hear y'all were able to get through that Moment-on-the-Couch and be friendly faves again. Much love

    1. i wish i could not be so knee deep sometimes :)

      and yes, we worked through it, but hate those fights!

  2. omg that celeb post is awesome. Apparently the alien left Tom's body just in time for adulthood. I would not touch that thing with a ten-foot pole. Sorry if I'm being mean, but they don't believe in doctors, and dentists are doctors of the teeth. He states that post-partum depression can be "cured" with vitamins, why not billy-rot tooth?

    1. hhahahahahahahaha i love it


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