Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i am so freaking in love with my daughter;
 i can't even handle her awesomeness.

i say this as i am getting her dinner ready and she proceeds to throw herself a personal party at the sight of cherry tomatoes and blueberries. ah, she is a delight, this little one. complete amazing-nosity.


  1. We are in love with your awesome daughter, too!!! Do you just spend all day nibbling on her-she is EDIBLE!!

    We can't wait to get together with you guys-the girls will have such fun!

  2. She is beautiful! Can't imagine life without our little ones! Definitely wouldn't want to!

  3. from someone who is not a fan of children, i will say this...

    your daughter rocks.

  4. she is seriously precious. like break off a piece delicious! i was so hoping we were going to be able to meet up with you guys last week. we would love to see both of you and really can't wait to meet your daughter. hopefully next time :)

    ps. i stalk your blog on a regular basis and am often moved to tears. your gifts as an artist go clearly beyond the paint.


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