Monday, June 29, 2009

i heart vacations!

last week matt and i went on vacation. so fun. 

the best, really... i mean, seriously, what could beat amazing friends, sunshine, food, no work, long drives (which = long talks with my favorite person), more time with my husband (aka aforementioned favorite person) + kidlet, the beach? 

we started out in san diego, visiting our dear friends kimmie, jeremy, and their bambinos amos and eli. we felt so special because kim and jeremy took a day off of work to hang out with us! 

kim and jeremy's kids were at their preschool, so their/our friend malka, who is amazing (& who knows asl fluently as well as how to delight a child for 8 hours in a row) watched little m for the whole day so that the grown-ups could cavort about san diego. i'd like to think that m learned some new signs. and that malka learned how to wrestle a cloth diaper on a squirming one year old. all i have to say is that one of the best feelings is knowing that the person watching your child likes her almost as much as you do yourself. it was a huge gift to play all day with dear friends minus kiddos!
(ah, sand between my toes)

speaking of favorite people, this is one of my dearest soul friends.
the boys hang by the water while kim and i kick it on the sand
at a certain point we had to return to our little darlings. 
of course, they are such cuties that it wasn't so bad to come home and snuggle them up.
i am determined to arrange a marriage between my daughter and a suitable mate. 
here are two very strong contenders.
(i kid, i kid)
hours of fun on the porch
little m likes being the only girl and hanging with the big kids!
we usually eat a lot on vacay, and this was no exception
yummy breakfast pizza at bread and cie
(so good)

we kind of ate a lot of really good food, so this is just representative of all the yumminess.

and then, to top it off, we talked a lot.
about life.
around a firepit, on the couch, in the kitchen, on walks, 
at coffee shops, in the grocery store, on the beach.

what can i say?
it was glorious.
i want to be on vacation again already.

lucky for you, i have more to recap, 
so we can keep pretending it's vacation for a few more posts!
xo my friends
have a good monday!


  1. SO glad you had such a wonderful so cal time....welcome back!

  2. oh my goodness: You are amazing!!
    Because of the peace vibe i got, I felt as if I were on vacation as well. And I am honored that you saw that I love little m almost as much as you... :)
    Much love to you- see you in only a few months!


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