Wednesday, June 3, 2009


(image from nienie dialogues)

do you read nienie? speaking of when life is good but hard, you should. well, i was reading her latest post today and someone had brought her these pretty as can be, homegrown peonies!

i just told matt yesterday that i wanted some peonies. they feel like june to me, and since it is june and all, i think little m and i should go adventuring today and find ourselves some peonies to brighten up our day. they rank right up there with ranunculas for me, in case you were wondering.

flowers are good for the soul, that's what i think.

it's settled; after lunch we are off to find ourselves a soul stirring, sunshine bringing bouquet.



  1. I can't wait to see which ones you choose. I had to get the hot pink ones, though I usually go for the soft pink. But really, can one ever go wrong with a peony? I don't think so! It is the perfect flower!

  2. ME TOO. My neighbors have some along the side of their garage. It's about time I stole some...they really are JUNE.

    And I love nienie too.

  3. the white Duchesse de Nemours is one of my favorites (she's full of buds right now, with ants crawling all over them to help them begin to bloom).

    We inherited one hot pink, lovely scented peony with the house, and added two to it (the Duchesse being one). One has been very happy & the other, which I suspect a garden shopper retagged, because the one time it did bloom, it wasn't even close to what i had thought i purchased, languishes. I _love_ peonies & if L would let me take over the entire front yard, i'd just fill it up with them!

    In Ann Arbor there is an entire garden devoted to peonies in the Arboretum & we used to go there each June and wander through the beds, me stopping to bury my nose in especially fragrant blossoms.

    Hope you find some lovely peonies to plant--i'm partial to the pale pink ones (what my unhappy peony was supposed to be)--but the deep reds that my grandmother always grew are also quite fine.

    June--peonies & roses--a lovely season in the garden (at least in the northeast!)

    hugs to you all!


  4. We have a pretty good bank of peonies in our yard, and right now they're in spectacular bloom. Love 'em! I'd always wondered why the blooms were covered with ants -- didn't realize it had an effect on blooming.

    But I'm a traditionalist -- I go weak-kneed for roses. We were in England in May/June a few years ago, and the entire country was crawling with fragrant roses. It took me forever to walk down the street because I had to stop every few feet to bury my head in another clump of roses.

  5. I eagerly arrive at good but hard...awaiting some new wit and meaning is still peonies. I read the entry and liked it BUT I need some new entries! More blogs please...can't grandma babysit roro? hee hee

  6. i got a huge bouquet for Anna for our 1 year anni, and the lady asked me what i wanted in there. my response? "just no roses. but please throw in some peonies and i won't be mad at ya ;)"

  7. actually hannah, i think YOU inspired me to mention peonies to matt with your peony post.

    rose, i wish we lived closer and could come experience your garden!!!


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