Tuesday, June 9, 2009

things i am loving right now

bathtime with little m (she's a slippery little bugger though!)
coffee dates with friends
watching the next generation become friends
how little m wants to hold all the other babies hands (so cute)
fruits and veggies fresh from our backyard garden + the farmers market
this pretty bouquet of onion flowers that matt made me from his garden
these awesome buttons from my friend ren's fabulously cute smallfry crafts etsy site
(little m approves- she has multiple of the stuffed and cozy version of 
small fry friends in her snuggle lineup)
these pretty and fragrant sweet peas growing in our front yard!

what are you loving?


  1. mixture of study and painting.

    watching grandparents.

    finally planting my summer garden.

    reading - 'living gently in a violent world'


  2. I am loving:
    -the french toast i made a bunch of on sunday
    -playing in the internet and being reminded how huge and yet super-connected everything is
    -writing in my sketchbook with a cup of tea
    -so you think you can dance
    -the library

  3. - homemade meadow tea
    - fresh local strawberries
    - listening to thunderstorms with Lucas
    - your blog!!!

  4. is it bad that i want to dip those artichokes in a huge vat of mayonnaise?

  5. what a great post.
    I loving lunch on the town, afternoon lattes and packing for a holiday.
    Let's have coffee when I get back (June 23rd is my return date!)

  6. loving : * the mourning doves building nests in my hanging baskets * painted fingernails (so impractical, but so enjoyable) * viv asking for her shoes to be put "on" instead of pulling them off and dropping them around town * morning coffee in my new, totally pretty and girly, coffee cup

  7. loving:
    - the sweet and gentle fragrance from our lilac tree
    - wrapping Ava in a towel after her bath with just her beady lil eyes peeking out
    -nibbling Ava's tiny juicy toes
    -crisp cool fresh air on my face on my early morning jog

  8. i love hearing all of your current loves! makes me think of even more things i love, and looking for the joy in the everyday.

    jennifer, what, may i ask, is meadow tea??? here is to loving all the little things!

  9. meadow tea is mint tea from your garden... love it!


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