Tuesday, June 2, 2009


little m has made a discovery.
she has discovered chocolate.
in fact, la farine chocolate croissants. 
it was all a mistake; 
i was talking and not paying complete attention so slowly she commandeered my breakfast...
can you tell she's pleased with herself?
who can blame her, really?
those chocolatines are good.


  1. I see a life long chocolate lover in that bottom photo!

  2. YEAH MONROVIA! susannah got me addicted to those things too. they are DELICIOUS.

  3. they are so good, i agree...i know, my daughter is smart. she goes for the high quality goods. ;)

  4. this made me laugh so hard!

  5. looks like an o-face to me!
    and really, who can blame her?!
    those chocolatines are TO DIE FOR delish!


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