Friday, June 26, 2009

the best ever

um, do you remember playing mash when you were growing up? hello- hours of fun. i wonder why i always put down limo as one of my cars of choice? {sidenote: who ever drives around in a limo unless you're going to prom? well, besides me. good thing all of my mash "dreams" came true and i'm driving a limo, living in hawaii, my bridesmaids wore hot pink and i have 12 kids.}

want to relive your middle school days? (or maybe, for some of us, our college days...when maybe we played mash during really boring lectures?)

here you go: mash.

have a good weekend!


  1. oh my gosh! I just peed my pants from the excitement of this.

    i still have some of the mash games i played during hde with lisa gray. and rst with erin. got some pretty good ones.

  2. ah yes- some of my very best college era mash games are from hde classes...especially the massive lectures where we learned about pain cries.

    mash. so good.

  3. That is freaking AWESOME. Totally cool to the max! Gag me with a rubber spoon!

    hours and hours of MASH in my past, indeed. :)

  4. SOOZ! best mash games ever = HDE101 when we coined the term the 'vonlay family singers' and in hollyhead on the coast of england waiting to catch a boat to dublin at that random lady's house, giggling in her countrycrock pink bedroom and mailing mash postcards to everyone back home.

  5. what a perfect trip down memory many mash games in my past, it's ridiculous - in the best way!


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