Thursday, June 11, 2009


as most of you know, i am a painter. 
here is my studio, where i am right this minute:

this week i am super thankful that i have had ample time in the studio (a luxury these days), thanks to my amazing mother-in-law coming up to take care of and play with little m all week long! it has been such a wonderful gift to have this time to come into my studio and to think, make, undo, redo, paint, erase, read, and just marinate in this space. engaging art, whether you are looking at it or making it, operates differently than most of daily life; it is meant to be an active dialogue.

a lot of times people say to me (especially when talking about contemporary or modern art), "but i just don't get it." i understand that sentiment, sometimes i feel even like i am missing something when i look at my own work! but just because you don't get all of the hidden nuance in the latest episode of lost doesn't keep you from watching it...right? (disclaimer: i never watch lost, but i know lots of people do, and that sometimes it is sort of mind-bending, but y'all keep on coming back for more...)

here's what i'm saying:
go look at art. in a museum or gallery or in your daily life.
and make art.
it doesn't have to be fancypants; get out your crayons:

i think the drive to make things of beauty and meaning is inherent to human beings. 
so, turn off your tv or computer monitor (note to self) and engage some art already. 
need a primer? 
this is what you should do:

having a bambino doesn't have to stop you. 
even babies love art; 
little m has been going to art shows since she was a few weeks old!
if you have a kiddo, 
bundle them up or strap them into their stroller and find someplace to look at art.
go to a student art show. 
a few weeks ago we took little m to the final show of where i went to grad school. 
she loved it.
we took her to sfmoma last week and she was all about the art: 
video, installations, paintings, you name it.
(sidebar: this show, which is now closed, by south african artist william kentridge was amazing)
then we headed up for snacks at moma's new rooftop garden, 
which also has a blue bottle coffee cafe
little m snacked on a banana.
art, sunshine, snacks, coffee: really what could be better?
the baker makes these amazing treats based on works of art in sfmoma's collection. 
here's a thiebaud cake, based on a wayne thiebaud painting.
(and it was super delish) 
so creative, so fanciful, so yummy. edible art!
the 5th floor of sfmoma is my favorite because it has the most contemporary works in their collection and the new rooftop garden.
happy art-filled kiddo, happy art-filled mama and papa, happy art-filled tummies.
now, go get out your crayons and glitter.
{or, what have you.} 


  1. Hi, your blog is very artistic.Miss m is really cute.The feeling of a mom of a child who has just been diagnosed with a diability is always the same with all moms and I think that is the reason for the connection.You just reminded me again of those the strawberry pics.

  2. great post. i am feeling inspired.

  3. M is such a CUTIE! Esp. love the strawberry photos in the previous post!! Imagine, an art lover and foodie already!

  4. WHY do we have to live so far apart?!

  5. Love this post. When I turned the calendar to June a couple of weeks ago I committed to doing some little art thing with Viv each day - whether it's painting with water on the walkway or squishing playdough or scribbling with crayons. Your words capture it all so well.

    Loved the peek into your studio, and am totally intrigued by the treats at the MOMA created based on art - perfect!

  6. too bad little m can't taste the blue bottle coffee yet, she would want to head back to moma every day.

  7. can i PLEASE come see your stuff? so i can pick something out?

    thanks :)


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