Wednesday, June 10, 2009

old school vs. new school

old school:this is how little m used to wear her cochlear implants, with little rubber snugfits to keep them on her ear, and with the battery pack part of the processor pinned to the shoulder of her clothes. it seemed complicated and she hated when we would tighten the snugfits on her ears. she has tiny ears, so we'd have to squeeze them hard for the implant to stay on. (who wouldn't be irritated by that?)

new school:
in the last couple of months we've streamlined and simplified. (well, that's my opinion...matt was fine with the old school version.) we ditched the snugfits, made the processor into one larger unit (kind of like snapping legos together), slapped some wig tape on the inside of the processor so it would stay on her ears, and viola!
they stay on soooo much better, and she fights it less when we put them on her. little m is happy, and mama is happy too.


  1. I couldn't have said it better! We ditched the snugfits for the good ole toupee tape too - saw it on Landry's blog a while back - It is soooooo much easier without the extra cables and clips!! There were some reps from Cochlear Corp a couple weeks ago at the lab with Ava and they were DUMBFOUNDED when they saw Ava wearing the whole thing on her ears - wish I could have snapped a picture of that moment.

  2. we'll have to try it again... we don't mind the snugfits and babyworn, but maybe it can be even better!

  3. Hooray for "Freedom" :) from cords and Snugfits!!! I'd love to sell our totally unused Sungfits, but just wouldn't feel right about encouraging another parent to put up with all the fuss that goes with them! :)

    Does she LOVE the new setup?

  4. YES- she just loves it. No more fighting me, which is so great...and I feel like she is getting more consistent sound because the babyworn seemed to come off MUCH MUCH more frequently. At first her hair would get stuck, but now that isn't an issue.

    Jennifer, if you don't mind then carry on :), but I love the new way!

  5. I Love that i can get then on soooo quickly--no more frustration for Grandma!!! Thank you


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