Tuesday, June 2, 2009

catch up

life has calmed down a bit, but i still have a to do list that runs about a mile long. most of the things on my list are super overdue, like write thank you cards that should have been in the mail months ago, deep cleaning our house and my car, and some are just regular to do's: bills, laundry, dishes.

some quickies from the last week or so:
first of all, someone, and by someone i am referring to this charming little monkey, is walking. there is no turning back now. she is on the rampage - i kid you not.

little m and i had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow blogger nicole and delia for ice cream at sketch! we had such a nice time, and little m and delia got to compare their cochlear implants. delia is also deaf, and now 5 years old & in kindergarten; she got her implant at 10 1/2 months, just like little m. after a few minutes of warming up to us strangers, it was so fun to see delia reading stories to little m, talking to her, and showing off some of her gymnastics moves. so fun to meet face to face!

reading a great book, city of thieves, for the next book/culture club! our last culture club dinner fell smack in the middle of house repairs, so not only did i not read a single chapter of the last book, but i neglected to document the yummy spread (sliders and homemade fries) that mark & rebecca put on! it's a quick read if you are looking for a read-in-a-weekend book.

on sunday night matt and i headed up to sacramento with our friends nancy & keith to support a great non-profit, the greenhouse, by going to their annual benefit dinner. if you need a very worthwhile spot to donate your time or money, the greenhouse is the perfect place; their focus is very local and specific, and we had the opportunity to meet some of the kids whose lives are being changes through the greenhouse!  

my new favorite smell: mrs. meyers clean day countertop spray in geranium scent. does your kitchen cleaner make your house smell like fresh flowers thanks to essential oils? i swear, not only will you feel accomplished because you've cleaned your kitchen and feel comforted that you've been kind to our earth, but you'll swoon because of the fabulous scent. i had to pop some of their dish soap in my grocery cart the other day because i'm just that smitten.

fava beans. friends, they are in season. matt planted a bunch in our garden and they were finally ready to harvest. i'll warn you - it's kind of labor intensive because you have to double shell them. but get yourself some, and whip up a new recipe or two. matt made alice waters' fava bean puree recipe and some pasta with bacon, shaved onion, and fava. they taste just like spring. little m devours them, and i ask you, can a one year old be wrong?


  1. You go, Little M! I can just see you walking with great purpose wherever you are!

    And I adore Sketch ice cream. Adore! Yay for hanging with new friends over (the yummiest) ice cream.

    And I adore favas. Mmmmm. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Great picture of little M; time for a whole new round of baby-proofing!

    I just fell for Mrs. Meyers lemon verbena toilet bowl cleaner; it makes me much happier about the task of cleaning, however silly it may seem that a lovely scent could make such a difference in one's menial chores.


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