Friday, January 15, 2010

good things come in all kinds of packages

this week has been chock full of special moments and little surprises! i love it.

i was telling matt last night that one reason i love my birthday so much is because it is an opportunity -a day set aside- to celebrate and savor the people in my life who have made me, well, me. that covers a wide range: from my family, to my inner circle of confidantes, to dear ones who live far away, to friends i've made through this blog, through old friends who i don't see often but who are still a part of my life's topography...

i feel gifted to be known and loved by such special people, who love me despite my numerous flaws and quirks.

on monday my brother aaron stopped by and dropped off his camera. (mine is on the fritz...again) he sent me a text saying, "you can't have birthday week without a camera!" so thoughtful...

a few visuals from this week that have brought me joy:
m and i grabbed lunch with my friend nicole, who i've met via the world of blogging,
and who also has a deaf daughter.
(notice m's disgruntled expression. little did we know she had an ear infection & that her fever would spike to 104.5 later in the day. considering how bad the doctor said the infection was, i'm surprised she looked this content!)nicole brought me this lovely garland she made from vintage sheet music:it's now hanging in our livingroom, and i love it.
(check out her new etsy shop, where you can pick up some cuteness for yourself!)
matt's present-of-the-day station on top of our mantle
was joined by a few other packages for me to open.
fun little treasures and treats!
matt's parents sent me these pretty, sunshine-carrying tulips
in honor of my art opening last weekend.
my sister-in-law hand delivered them,
and they've been making me happy all week long!
i love birthdays, but i also love mail. so birthday mail is the absolute best!

fun treats & cards popped up in my mailbox, including a fun package & kind note from my friend holly (who has become more of a friend through the world of blogging too. i love blogs.)

and my roommates amy and nancy dropped off an invitation for birthday eve celebrating! matt's sister showed up to babysit, and they whisked me away to a super fun evening.

lots of other joys: text messages, calls, my brother's elementary class called and serenaded me, thoughtful treats to open, a yummy meal last night complete with homemade creme brulee (sosososo good) made by my friend chris, a birthday message sidewalk-chalked on my doorstep by my mom...

i feel spoiled and so so gifted.
and grateful for the people in my life.


  1. Yes the 5th graders were so proud of that serenade, i must say.

  2. YAY!!!! i'm jeals! all i got for my 35th was ...drunk. ha!!! xo

  3. Happy, happy day! What lovely treasures. Viv missed giving you a birthday snuggle and the card she made for you on Thursday :-) but is happy to save it til next week...because really, we should keep the celebration going, shouldn't we?!! Hope sweetie pie M is feeling better!

  4. Such good stuff! I'm so glad the good stuff was happening to you. :)

    And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (LATE)

  5. Glad you had a good week! And I hope little M is feeling a lot better, ear infections are the worst!


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