Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hello, super cute

super cute
...if i do say so myself!
today i got a peek at the finished product of one of the cards i made this year for papyrus.
i love, love, love the stitching-i had done it by paint to get the layout down,
but it is so much cuter with the actual stitching.
i have a crush on it.

you can buy wherever papyrus cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide.

here is the rough sketch i first sent in before tweaking it a few times to get to the final card:


  1. Um hello, this is amazing! Please make me a million. Hand stitched of course :)

  2. I love that! You are so talented- could you send some of that creativity and talent this way (I completely missed the artistic gene)!

  3. bomb diggity; but who doubted?

  4. Totally adore this one, but that is no surprise :) I love stitching on paper - big favorite over here!

  5. hellz yeah!
    On tuesday the little boy and I went for hot cocoa (post-flu shots) and he was looking through the cards as we waited. he spotted one with jewels on it and i got to proudly say, "that card was designed by auntie sooz." he then spun the card rack to find "other ones she made..."

  6. um. AMAZE BALLS!!! love. brillz.


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