Friday, January 29, 2010

happy friday

wishing you a very happy friday & a restful, life-giving weekend,
full of

moments to smile at
a good playlist
some juicy oranges (i love citrus season!)
time outside
warm cozy beverages + a newspaper
clean dishes

pretty fresh flowers
a hot shower
talking to someone you love

(& whatever other loveliness you are needing these next two days)


  1. i like that list
    so far I've:
    had snuggles,
    a warm beverage,
    clean dishes,
    a hot shower,
    and talking to people I love..
    I'll work on the others!

  2. love this list, as it has lots of lovely things i've done today...and that makes me feel accomplished (in snuggles, warm bevvies and citrus eating) and happy. hoping your weekend is full of good things. xo

  3. I got a couple of those in, not as many as I'd like. How did the IFSP meeting go?


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