Thursday, January 21, 2010

it's raining...

it's pouring...!
we've been drenched all week long!

tonight at dinner the electricity went out after a crazy amount of lightening & torrential rain, so we ate dinner with our classmates in the dark. very romantic...

of course, m delights in the rain, especially since she has awesome sparkly rain boots from aunt becca, a cool flowery rain jacket from grandma cornelia, and now a super cute big girl umbrella from grandma and grandpa prinz. for the record, i have no raincoat & no umbrella. so i get wet, while my daughter stays dry & cute. shocking.

tomorrow is the last day of our class, so the half written blog posts i've written this week will be finished and posted. suffice it to say, it has given me a lot to think about.

stay dry, my friends!


  1. I remember a storm in 1995 that DRENCHED my entire college campus (I went to UC Irvine). There was three feet of standing water everywhere! California might not get storms very often, but when the storms come, they're always big ones!

    Stay dry out there!

  2. You guys got lightning?!? Lucky. Man, Socal gets everything.

  3. You need a copy of _Umbrella_ by Taro Yashima to read to little M! One of my & Q's favorites (& great illustrations)


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