Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one of those days

i am working on 4 different blog posts and non of them are coming together.

maybe it's the dreary weather outside,
maybe it's that my to do list is very long, and i should attacking it instead of blogging,
maybe it's because the posts are more serious and it's hard to get through them and articulate what i want to say.

i'm feeling like today is a good day for soup and grilled cheese and snuggling.
and not so much for blogging.
(see you lovelies tomorrow)


  1. ok...snuggle down, cozy up.
    hey, are y'all still on for feb 6?

  2. I love how even when you don't have something clever to write about, you can throw up a pic of m and articulate that you don't have much to articulate and it's beautiful. Oh how I wish I had paid attention in English class.


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