Monday, January 25, 2010

my new favorites

this awesome le creuset 9 quart dutch oven that matt's parents got me for christmas
(they just gave it to me when we were down at their house this last week- such an amazing gift. can't wait to use it!)
this cd.
matt scoffed as i bought it. "a compilation?!"
mmm. maybe so, but it's good.
so there.
my daughter entertaining herself for more than 5 minutes in the car.
oh wait, just kidding, she hates the car and she goes crazy after like 30 seconds.
well, i can hope...
(and she looks so happy & content in this misleading photo.)

little m's crazy mullet curls, which i can now commandeer into a mini pony tail.
she is so way hipster than i am. chocolate chip cookies crumbled over vanilla ice cream with homemade caramel on top.
roasted carrot & avocado salad recipe from jamie oliver's jamie at home cookbook.
you can find a copy of the recipe here
matt's incredible homemade bread that he has been making lately.
i love this man. and his bread is just one of the reasons.

now i am sleepy.
night night, friends!

what are your new favorites?


  1. great duthc oven is one of my favorites!

  2. My new fave is my Kindle (Amazon electronic book). I know -- nobody is neutral about Kindles, they either love them or hate them. I love mine. And the cookie ice cream caramel desert and the salad look fantastic. Maybe you should make that no-knead bread that everyone's raving about in your dutch oven -- I've had it (delish) but haven't made it myself (no dutch oven!).

    In other news, I managed to get in a painting over the winter break. Small, in acrylic, only had an hour. But I painted! And oh, it felt good.

  3. julia, matt's new bread IS the no knead bread! and it's amazing. but we use our smaller dutch oven a la ikea. it works fabulously. and i HIGHLY recommend the bread!

  4. ah, le creuset ... i have the 5 quart oval oven & am guilty of lusting in my heart for a larger, round one ... (same red as yours, though!).

    no-knead bread is a beautiful thing; so much pleasure out of so little work.

    you need a "magnadoodle" for little m--ours finally bit the dust, but provided small Q with many hours of happy drawing while riding in her car seat.

    it's hard to be almost 2 and strapped into a seat, unable to move at will ... when i think about how my parents carted the 4 of us around in the 70s, it's all rather horrifying ... loose children in the back seat, riding on the floor on long trips.

  5. I love favorite things, and I love yours! Things I'm loving:

    I adore Jamie Oliver, too - his risotto recipes are a favorite and it's on the books for dinner soon (we think Viv will like it). His cookbooks are among my favorite things.

    Lip gloss. (always)

    A certain "Joy in January" compilation that I can' (love it.)

    New pajama pants.

  6. love that dutch oven and your caramel sauce...yumminess!

    my new favorites? the sun! it's supposed to come out today, we shall see!

    also i love my baby--she is becoming so fun: def. a new favorite.

  7. i heart 500 days of summer!!! we just watched it recently and i fell in love w the soundtrack...don't mind if i do! ps - i just started crying when i saw the pics of the cookies & ice cream...hate. you.


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