Monday, January 4, 2010

list smackdown

so, my daughter is asleep.

list #1
here is my while-she-is-napping list, in order of priority
(keep in mind she is already halfway through her nap):
1. freelance emails
2. put away dishes
3. wash dirty dishes
4. make bed
5. clean up livingroom
6. clean bathroom
7. design & print my too-late-for-christmas so now a happy-2010 cards
8. take a nap because this baby sucks the life out of me! (and it's only just the beginning)
9. finish filing insurance reimbursements
10. drink tea

list #2
this is what i am going to accomplish:
1. freelance emails (done)
2. blog (doing)
3. drink tea
4. think about how i didn't get any of the other things done

why is it that list #2 always wins the smackdown over list #1?

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