Thursday, January 7, 2010

my heart is smiling

two thoughts:

1. my daughter has discovered crayons, pens and pencils over the last 6 months.
and she is absolutely smitten with "col, col" {coloring}.
i could not be more proud.
my heart swells to see her face light up when she sees my paints, or a box of her crayons.
it seriously makes me so giddy inside to see her discover the joy of a mark on paper.
how could crayons not incite pure happiness in even the coldest of hearts?

2. today was school.
m loves school.
as we drive up she starts clapping and pointing and smiling.
at school, m got to dance at morning music, see our friend mary claire and her sweet baby girl annelise, go to class and therapy, play in the pretend ktchen with the doll babies,
and... (her highlight, i swear):
see her friend vivian.
vivian and m are like little magnets when they see each other.
the second they see each other they want to hug and snuggle and hold hands.
and it melts my heart every time.
(their enthusiasm is infectious)

this morning i thought of the special magic that happens when you make a new friend.
of the sparkle in these two sweet girls' eyes as they spot each other.
of the gift it is to find a new someone with whom you can laugh and connect.
i imagine those friend possibilities that stretch across my daughter's lifetime,
as well as the laughter she already shares with little friends like vivian,
and it gives me joy.

{my heart is smiling}


  1. Sigh. Talk about joy in January! Our sweet girls' loving antics this morning made my day in a big way. We just adore your girl...

    (If I can't find my photos from our Fairyland adventure on my computer, I might borrow yours, is that ok? Which, by the way, when can we go there again?!!)

  2. I clicked over from Benbo!
    I love your description of the girls being like magnets! Too cute! We love ourselves some Viv (and Hannah, of course!) in this house, too! :-)
    You're lucky... you get regular doses of them!

  3. love this post about the girls! i agree with hannah. i could eat your daughter up she is so cute!
    thanks for sharing.
    mama to another darling girl,


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