Friday, January 22, 2010

say cheese

on our drive down to ventura, we stayed with our good friends in santa maria,
who have two cute munchkins:
isabella-artist, lover of dolls and soft, cuddly stuffed animals,
climber & daredevil extraordinaire...
landon: big brother, expert at all things related to cars, diggers, and puzzles,
and moments away from losing another tooththe kids had an impromptu morning yoga class, where they showed off their moves.
(this came after an evening & morning where they pulled out half of their toys to share with m...much to their parents' delight)
and....after all of the playing & snuggling & running around-
this was the best picture i could get of the three of them.
i think it's kind of awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Wow -- M's getting a good head of hair, there! She's quite a beauty. Ben has cowlicks in every different direction, giving him kind've a hedgehog look overall. Personally, I think he's the cutest kid around, but not on account of his hair!


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