Saturday, January 23, 2010

here comes the sun...

after a week of nonstop, pounding rain, thunder, and lightening,
we finally got a reprieve.
the sun came out!

our dear friends kim & jeremy came up from san diego with their boys eli & amos
to hang out with us friday & saturday,
so we all headed down to the beach near matt's parents
to walk,
soak up the sunshine,
watch the waves, play in the sand,
and enjoy the fresh air.

post beach, we stopped at my personal favorite eatery in ventura.
(well, it is tied with johnny's-best tacos, chips & burritos, i swear.)
the very authentic, high-class cheesesteak & hoagie shop.
i am proud to report that my daughter apparently loves cheesesteaks.
a girl after her mama's heart.

ventura's pier
(post-cheesesteak/french fry foodfest, three kids in dire need of naps)
laughter on the swings
jeremy & little amos
kim & i
(i love our friends.
friends who live too far away,
but who have been there for us on some of our hardest days.
they are the kind of friends who can just sit with us and say nothing,
but whom i can stay up until ungodly hours talking about everything and nothing with.
kim & i are kind of experts in talking at all hours, actually,
while our significant husbands much prefer sleep.)
someday these two will be sweethearts.
i swear.
they like to snuggle.
(unless little brother amos swoops in and charms her with those big blue eyes)
or maybe eli just looks adoringly at all the girls like he does at my daughter.
what could be better than a playground on the beach?
amos & little m rocked some significant swing time.

the best of our attempted dual-family photos
little m vetoed her stroller so she could walk hand in hand with her grandparents
matt steals a few minutes of peace in the midst of the hubbub of our two crazy families

hope your weekend is dry & sunny!


  1. sun! beach! dear friends! snuggles! cheesesteak! swinging on the shore! could it be any better?
    this looks like a gorgeously perfect day. we miss you looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Naw, it's rainy and overcast here. But at least it's warm -- upper forties -- late January heat wave! And it figures -- I just bought new snow boots. Well, I'll have plenty more snow to tromp through this winter. How I miss those gorgeous Pacific waves....

  3. Oh, these pictures make me so homesick. This is right where we used to live- Dennis and I used to walk that path along the beach in Ventura every night. It almost brings tears to my eyes- I miss home so much! Thanks for the pictures, and the brief glimpse of "home."


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