Tuesday, April 27, 2010

baby bump!

...i don't know if this can really count as a bump when it is more like a mountain of baby that is extremely uncomfortable when one is trying to, say, roll over in bed or pick up a 28 pound two year old, but bump sounds so contained and cute, so i'll go with it. i figured i should take some pregnancy photos now that i am in the home stretch; i have been so delinquent this time around.

with not so much time to go, i am getting more and more curious...

little baby, are you a boy or girl?
what should we name you? (uh, yeah, a little delinquent in the naming area as well...)
will you like our crazy family? i hope so.

meanwhile, our friends nancy and keith find out today if they are having a boy or girl,
and i plan to live vicariously through their discovery!
(i really do like the surprise of finding out at birth,
but right around now i channel curious george and begin to wonder...)


  1. You look so cute! Thanks for sharing the bump.

  2. i will call you tonight....i am so curious to find out what you guys are having, too!!!!!!

  3. A colleague of mine from China says that there the common wisdom is that if people can tell from the back that you're pregnant, then it's a girl, and if they can't, then it's a boy. It happened to be true in my case (Ben rode high and narrow, so you really couldn't see him from the back). But I figure that just like with all other such "tests," it's right about 50% of the time.

    You look great, BTW! Happy nesting.

  4. you look gorgeous, you hot momma!

    nancy, call me too. (:

  5. for the love! how is it that you just got cuter and somehow look smaller than when i saw you 6 weeks ago?!?!

    you = so freaking beautiful!

  6. lookin' good, sooz--can't wait to meet your new little one!!! so very soon! I do have some name suggestions just off the top of my head for your consideration: Omar, McNulty, Bubbles, Chardine, Wee-bay, Lance, Cedric, Lester, Prez... but I don't recommend Kima.

  7. love the picture! you look so cute! btw...i think you should go get yourself a massage while matt's moving, isn't that a great idea? and i love omar--- great suggestions renita

  8. You look so beautiful! YES Omar!!

  9. I love this picture of you - it totally captures the beauty of this special time...


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