Saturday, April 24, 2010

home sweet home

well, it's official!
much to our poor beleaguered realtor's relief...& to our great delight...

after quite the long process with so many twists and turns, 6 failed offers, multiple unscrupulous other realtors and deals that fell through at the last minute, we signed our lives away...
FINALLY everything on our house went through so we are officially homeowners!

and i love love love it.
well, i love the potential of it!

matt wore his paint clothes to our new address when we met our relator to get the keys, and he has been working ever since.
he painted until late last night,
and then all day today he and our friend peter painted and moved boxes to begin clearing out our old house.
my poor daughter can hardly walk in our current place- boxes tower everywhere.

meanwhile, i am doing my best to keep this baby incubating for a few more weeks, so i am trying not to move a thing.
it is kind of killing me that matt is working around the clock and i am, well, not - but the alternative, of going into labor early and trying to move WITH a newborn is a lot worse.
so i'm dealing.

we are so excited to begin this new journey-
we know it will be a lot of work, but it feels like a new season for our family in many ways.
besides, we haven't had an actual dining room since our first year of marriage,
so 7 years later i can't wait to have a dinner party with a table and chairs.

come over and eat with us!
(maybe not this week- it's a little crazy right now)

happy weekend!


  1. looking forward to a dinner party. Maybe in 2 weeks.

  2. Hurray! Glad it came through yet this weekend! Now --- just sit tight; you may not be moving boxes but you are providing sustenance, space for growth, and well-being to another human being--pretty exciting & serious business!

  3. Congratulations! As for dinner, I'll give you a call from the airport when I get in. Can you make that flaky onion pastry thing? And those chocolate chip cookies? And I agree with previous poster -- you're doing an incredible amount of work 24/7, and sitting tight is the best way to see that project through to completion.

  4. hip, hip, horray!

    love that matt is already hard at work painting!


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