Friday, April 23, 2010


happy friday, friends!
well, this week has been eventful for sure - we may very well get keys to a house today...
or we may not.
the roller coaster continues.

our realtor told us the other day that this has been one of his most difficult contracts he has ever worked on (thankfully not because of us, but because of the sellers!)
at least that validates my feelings of "is it always this dramatic and crazy when you buy a house? i really don't remember my friends having so many twists and turns along the way..." all i know is that i could never work in the real estate business- too stressful and too much of a game for me.

but i the midst of it all, points of joy:
these amazing ranunculas that matt gave me this week.
they bring a little beauty to the stacks of boxes consuming our house &
remind me every time i look at them that i am madly in love with my husband.

sitting and talking with matt while he concocts a fun drink
(none for me of course, but so pretty to look at)

yesterday it was one of m's classmates 2nd birthday.
her mom judy whipped up these crazy creative garden/farm themed cupcakes which went along with our class unit right now at school.
um, amazing.
class mom, anyone?
she made all of these from top to bottom-including the little veggies on top.
we all have strengths, and let's just say that when it was m's birthday 2 weeks ago, i made my friend adriane's berry coffee cake for the class- really yummy, but not cute at all.
dance parties to the tune of m's musical winnie the pooh birthday card from her aunt becca and uncle mark. little m pulls her uncle johnny and friend justice into her personal dance-fest.

asparagus season. yum. one dinner this week i ate just one thing: a bundle of roasted asparagus.
and it was so good.

i love this moment.
post bath, post pj's, post stories and songs.
moments after putting her down, she is sound asleep.

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  1. That last picture is like magic! Our two never gave in that well to sleep. Miss Q still fights it all the way--bedtime includes listening to a book on cd while winding down by drawing (while i sit with her), then at the point when it's time to stop drawing and settle down, suddenly all of the stuffed animals need a) to get their pajamas on (a new one two days ago) and then b) to be arranged properly, and then c) to be tucked in; then she needs her back rubbed ... and ... whatever she can do to keep the process going. Last night, we went up early & when I told her if she wanted the animals to have pajamas, it had to happen first, suddenly, they didn't need pajamas!

    Of course, I could also just be a tougher mom and lay down the law ...

    anyway--good luck with the house and may you be blessed with a calm and peaceful spirit through the roller-coaster ride of this process!


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