Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it takes a village

i've been thinking lately about how that really is true- it has taken us a village to survive the last couple of years: as parents, as individuals, as a couple, as a beat down family, and now in the moving process.

in general, matt and i are extremely spoiled when it comes to childcare. we have friends and family who watch our daughter all the time so that we can go to counseling, run to appointments, go out for dinner, go to other weekly commitments, take breaks for no reason at all. i don't take it for granted for a second, and i realize that very soon (as in once this new baby shows up) we will probably be able to take advantage of this lovin' much less. m has INCREDIBLE biological aunts and uncles and grandparents, as well as adopted aunties, uncles, and special friends. i swear i am a better mom and wife because i have so much back up.

and now, this week- i am reminded again that when it comes to life, nothing beats a strong community of support. we got our keys friday night. it's wednesday. so far we have had quite the list of helpers- from packing to moving to painting to bringing food to washing my dishes to covering childcare. it isn't as if these people have nothing to do with their lives, but they are living out their values of caring for others. i love it and i hope i am as generous with my time as they are. (sometimes i think i would like to think i am more generous with my time than i really am. this is a reminder that whether i feel like or not, to help someone else out is the right thing to do.)

so far,
thank you
chrissy, pam, peter, courtney, nicole, chris, mark p., aaron, mom, becca, keith, jeff, damien, luke...
for helping us move.

if i had gold star stickers to pass out, i would.
but i think they're packed.

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  1. the pleasure is all mine, I only wish I could do more....thank you for having me in your village.


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