Monday, April 12, 2010

a day of all around awesome

april 12th (today) marks the births of three people in my life who have significantly shaped who i am as a person. since all three of them happen to be great, i have decided that people born today must be, as a rule, awesome.

happy birthday to my uncle arthur!
one of the gifts of my jaunt back to michigan in march was that i got to see my mom's sister fern emma and her husband arthur for lunch. they are both so dear to me, but i am so grateful for my uncle- not just for the many conversations we've had over the years, but also for the profound impact he has had on my mom's life. my uncle is kind of like a brother to my mom (she is one of 6 girls.) he is a patient and tender hearted, and i value the times i've gotten to sit down and talk to him. it has been a treasure to me to have his support and love as i have grown up, and especially recently in the midst of so much damage in my immediate family. (uncle arthur, this is a gentle reminder to book a flight to come visit us in oakland!)

happy birthday to shelly, or as i like to call her, my mamabear #2!
shelly has known me since i was about 7 years old, and she has endured every one of my glorious stages in life (good and downright awful) just like a parent would & loved me through all of them, even when i wasn't so pleasant to be around. she is an old school member of "the mommy network," so i know she is always keep abreast of the latest drama in my life and my siblings lives. when i need another mom to talk to, she is the first number i call. she has counseled me & encouraged me (and chastized me) from across the country for years, and i consider myself an honorary daughter to her. i don't know what i would do without her loyal and consistent presence in my life. when my life exploded in my face, i called her within minutes and we got her on a plane as soon as we could to come support our whole family. (shelly, this is your gentle reminder to book a flight to come visit oakland!)

happy birthday to little m!
two years old. oh goodness, i never could have predicted the twists and turns of the last two years since my daughter was born. somehow she has taught me more about faith, hope, joy, patience, and gentleness than the 30 odd years leading up to her birth. what a treasure she is to both matt and i. what a miracle it is to watch her grow and learn and change daily. i am so honored to be her mom and to share this journey with her. i hope she will be gracious to me in my many failings as a parent.

i am only able to be a good mom to her because i have had the gift of such a warm, supportive community- yes, in the last two years, but also in the years leading up to her entrance into our family. people like arthur and shelly (and so so many others) who have taught me what it is to love well regardless of the season of life you find yourself in. i am grateful.

happy birthday to all three of you-
such different people, a different number of candles,
different spots on the map and in my life,
but you all make me better.


  1. Ooooooooh! What a beautiful day for so many reasons...I love that Little M shares her birthday with two such special people in your life! So lovely.

  2. 3 wonderful people!!! I love them so!!!


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