Thursday, April 15, 2010


i am working away on some new card concepts, trying to crank something or other out, so not much time to blog. oh, that reminds me that i keep meaning to post some of my new cards that are out- go buy them up by the armload my friends! i'll try to remember to post them soon.

i will say this:
this is my daughter.
in the bath.
meticulously brushing a foam doll's "hair" with a baby brush.
little mommy is either going to love being a big sister, or completely hate it.
remains to be seen in about a month (not that she has much choice)...

also, looks like we are full steam ahead on the house and should sign papers and close by the end of next week? wow.

makes me a bizarre mix of totally exhausted, thrilled and delirious just thinking about it.

finally, i am 35 weeks pregnant. i get tired. so maybe i take naps here and there. somehow my next door neighbor, who is retired and is home pretty much 24 hours a day, has a nap sensor and decides EVERY time i am going to take a nap that he is going to use a power tool. like a table saw. or imagine something louder than that, because i don't really know tool names. i swear he is building an ark, because it happens almost every day and it is so freaking loud that even very sleep deprived me cannot fall asleep through the hubbub. it is one time when i think, "hmmm. he is really lucky i have a deaf daughter because i would be all up in his business if she wasn't." no way she would be able to sleep if she could hear.

the end.
back to work.


  1. kisses to you...can't wait to see the cards.

  2. she has your "concentration face" as she is brushing.

  3. great news about the house!

    and I can't believe you are 35 will be here so soon!

    p.s. the secret code that i am about to type in so blogger doesn't think i am spam is "bessos." no joke. and my (albeit misspelled) sentiment exactly.

  5. Obviously he is building an ark. You are awesome.xoxoxo!

  6. Seriously, you are going to pack, move and have a baby all within about a month? Crazy!

    Oh, wait, we did the same thing last year.

  7. Sexy girl and nice Fuckable Ass


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