Monday, April 12, 2010


more blog to come later today,
but for now my sweet little monkey turns TWO years old on this very day,
so we are headed out to celebrate!

see you later!
happy birthday to you, my firstborn.
happy labor and delivery anniversary to me!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the Terrific Twos, full of Tantalizing Treats, Transformation, Toilet Training, and a Tantrum or Two. Enjoy the ride!

  2. happy birthday little m! and happy birthing memories friend! you'll remember them very clearly in another 5 weeks!

  3. Happy Birthday! She looks so big now!! And I'm sure what with having such a foodie mom she will get the best tasting cake in the universe.

  4. thinking of you 4! happy noisy birthday to you roro. love the video on facebook. can't wait to show the girls in the morning. blessed day to you....

  5. o happy day to roro and you & matt.

  6. those are some SERIOUS candles!!! hahahaha!

    happy birthday to the sweetest, most beautiful little girl that i have ever met :)


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